Howto Enable SSH Root Level Access on an IOMEGA Storcenter IX4-200d

Storage_ICON_150I was asked the other day by a colleague how I was able to get SSH access to my IOMEGA Storcenter device. I honestly had done it so long ago I had to look back through my notes from a couple of years ago and thought, this is extremely inefficient. In an effort to remedy that and share it with the community here goes.

Step One: Enable SSH on the Storcenter. There is a hidden page on the web console. There is a trick. You need to goto the web console first; then you can append the support.html page as a suffix at the end. So to illustrate; log into your Storcenter https://<IP Address of Storcenter>. Once you authenticate and get into your web console change the address bar to https://<IP Address of Storcenter>/support.html.
You will be presented with the following screen:


You will need to click on the Support Access icon.



Click Apply and you will then need to reboot your Storcenter for the changes to take effect.

Once the reboot has occured you can now log into the Storcenter with the root account. Please note that the password will be your administrative password that you have setup with soho as the prefix. So if your password was password; you would use sohopassword.

That’t all there is to it. This opens up the door to many *nixy like thinks that can be done with this tiny little box.


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  1. works perfect.
    My issue is that I cannot access any shared folder from any computer on the network.
    Any clue what to fix once connected to the ix4-200d via SSH ?


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