12 Days of Commitmas

holiday-octocat-1024x699The origins:

This all started with a challenge by Matt Brender, to commit to learning Git over a 10 day span.

I had just recently come from a meeting in my sons school, where they are piloting a BYOD program, and one of the teachers talked about having students use justflipacoin.com to demonstrate Probability Theory.

After I gave my snarky response that sampling coin flips could be obtained easier by using an actual coin, I started to think about combining this goal as an exercise with the Hour of Code initiative in mind.

I have been looking for a way to introduce my kids to programming and thought this would be a perfect project to work on together. Though limited and simplistic, it is the perfect example of the usefulness of code in the real world and the effectiveness of the Python Programming Language in teaching beginning programmers.

With that I give you my first commit on Github.com.

I will be working on refining this daily to add incremental improvements.

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