Thank you for taking the time to come to my blog.

My name is Tim Jabaut, otherwise known on the Twitters as @vmcutlip. You may ask (as does everyone), what the story behind the Twitter handle? Well for that we would need an entire chapter. Let’s just say that I cut my lip on the cloud and one special #Cloundbunny who will remain nameless, (ah hmm – Amy Lewis – aka @Commsninja) was there to pounce with the nom de plume. So if you see her at a conference (she’s at all of them) why not stop her and ask.

Over my nearly 20 years in IT, I have worn a lot of hats. I spent a long time as an SMB consultant engaging with clients on many projects. Some of them were on the very edge of what could be delivered, and most would never be attempted in an Enterprise environment. All in all it was a very dynamic environment that allowed me to grow in my career and develop many of the innovative free thinking values that have allowed me to excel in the Enterprise space.

I hold several certifications from Microsoft including the MCSE and MCSA going all the way back to NT4.0. I am also a Microsoft Certified Small Business Consultant. For the past several years I have switched gears and focused exclusively on VMware Virtualization Technologies. I am certified as a VMware Certified Professional, VMware Advanced Certified Professional – Data Center Administration, as well as a VMware Advanced Certified Professional – Data Center Design. I am currently authoring my design to submit for my VMware Certified Design Expert.

I have recently been recognized as both a VMware vExpert and a Cisco Champion. These are both industry acolades that demonstrate one’s contributions to the community and the product line.

In my day job I am a Virtualization/Technology Engineer/Architect at a large Fortune 500 financial institution. By evening I am the consummate family man, with two kids and a very loving and understanding wife. By night I am the epitome of the ubergeek, dreaming up countless ways in which I can make something better; although breaking things and fixing them is the most fun.

Like many of you I tend to tinker. Many of the solutions that I have come up with are easily forgotten. With that in mind I will try to use this space as my own personal tech notebook. From here I hope that the countless hours that I spend researching and simulating problems will help others to achieve greater things.

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